"Welcome to RDPS (J.W) - The School with a difference"
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Children at this tender age have an inherent curiosity to know more about the world they live in. We, at RDPS Junior Wing, open the world to them and forage their curiosity by following a multi-faceted, interactive and child-centric pedagogy, in a safe and nurturing environment, we demonstrate inherent sensitivity to learners' needs and learning behaviour.


Basic Plan/ Strategy
Innovative, thematic and skill based modules combine the best of the Playway and Learning at RDPS, Junior Wing. The well-balanced and holistic modules provide the hands-on exploratory learning experience and are so designed that each child blossoms with a unique personality.

An array of activities that help in the development of every aspect of the child are planned under different modules/units. Each module with a specific topic is narrowed down to various lessons. Each lesson focuses on a specific concept keeping in mind the short attention span of the little ones and at the same time recapitulates the concepts learnt in the earlier lesson/ module.

At this stage, focus is not just on the academic skills but on building up the whole personality of the child in the growth years. We emphasize on teaching basic socio-emotional skills of the child in a group setting and also teaching them discipline by having a structured routine like beginning of the day with morning songs, storytelling, outdoor playtime, art, music and dance etc.

Montaigne has beautifully mentioned in one of his essays that ‘Children’s games are hardly games. Children are never more serious than when they play’. Henceforth, our curriculum is delivered in a Play-way method through myriad thematic activities to maximize the availability of opportunities for the cognitive, psychomotor and effective domain of learning and corresponding development areas.

Our learning Process integrates creativity and academic development that encourages curiosity and joy of learning. Mind of a child is very creative but it requires careful understanding, triggering and shaping. Our teachers and the varied teaching aids work like catalyst and provide unlimited horizon to the children to develop and boost their creativity, be it with ideas, formation skills, colour recognition or exploration, music, drawing, singing or dancing. Children are free to grow, develop and discover their full potential in an environment that not only keeps them rooted in their tradition and values, but also helps them grow to international heights.